The threat of digital crime in a digitized railway world

Are railways ready to fight digital crime, protect their systems effectively and rapidly recover services?

The European Railway Area is increasingly dependent on computer systems and their interconnected networks for the safe and effective delivery of services.

Connectivity has become key to critical business applications and functions and the railway industry is now supported by a diversity of complex technologies and interconnected communication networks that make it, like the entire transport sector, fully dependent on digital technologies.

Despite the obvious benefits, digitization has created new security risks that could be exploited by parties with dubious intentions. Criminals and other forces increasingly target digital systems and launch online attacks to access precious data, disrupt services, hold institutions to ransom, or access information to locate and access precious goods.

Digital crime is becoming more sophisticated and better organised. Hackers are constantly finding ways to break digital security.

It is just a question of time before your system may become victim to a cyber attack, possibly resulting in important reputational damage and a substantial loss of revenue.


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