Safeguarding interconnectivity in the railways

As specialists in the provision of interoperability and cross border communications solutions in the railway sector, Hit Rail’s objective has always been to ensure the safety and security of the data and messaging handled through its systems.

Established in 1990, the company is jointly owned by 12 of Europe’s major railways and is responsible for managing international private data communications infrastructure and message brokering services on behalf of its shareholders and customers. Its services are used by more than 50 railway companies from 21 countries. All Hit Rail customers’ data centres and company networks are interconnected by a pan-European IP-based VPN (Virtual Private Network) named Hermes VPN. In addition, the Hit Rail HEROS platform, launched in 2013, enables message interoperability across disparate IT platforms between railway applications in passenger, freight and infrastructure.

The security and integrity of networks for collaborative services such as those required by the Single European Rail Area (SERA) and the implementation of TSI Regulations are of paramount importance and Hit Rail, through its work with railways across Europe and the detailed knowledge and expertise it has acquired in European regulatory frameworks and secure communications systems and networks, continues to encourage debate and cooperation on cybersecurity as the way forward in combatting the growing threat of cybercrime.


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