The key to effective digital security? Cooperation in a connected world

Recent world-wide ransomware attacks have exposed the vulnerabilities of our connected world. Rail and other transport modes were also hit and will continue to be targeted and so must work together to put robust solutions in place to protect data and networks from further attacks.

Analysts report a 50% increase in attempted fraudulent logins in the past year alone.

Railways deliver essential services including carrying passengers safely, as well as precious goods and dangerous goods which are transported near to, and even through, urbanised areas. This makes them a specific target that requires our protection. Many companies across the transport industry are not well prepared for the digital security challenges of today and the near future.

Railways as businesses must adapt to protect their systems and data, and the most effective way to adapt is through cooperation. Working with policy makers, regulators, peers within the railway industry, companies in other transport sectors and experts in digital security, the railway industry can protect itself against digital crime.


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