Linking the international applications of European railways

Enabling connectivity and interoperability

Supporting Europe’s railways for over 30 years

Hit Rail helps the European railway community connect their international applications for seamless business across borders. Private clouds, data centres and company networks are interconnected by a pan-European Internet Protocol (IP) Virtual Private Network (VPN), named Hermes VPN.

Hit Rail is a private not-for-profit company, with its registered office in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It was established in 1990 and is owned by European railway companies.

Hit Rail’s services are used by more than 60 railway companies from 28 countries.

Enabling business co-operation

Railway business in the international freight, passenger and infrastructure markets is guided by a need for greater cooperation in an evolving market. More railway operators are increasingly competing and collaborating with each other, and new processes are being established by working with international infrastructure managers.
Hit Rail believes that advancing the standardisation and digitalisation of business processes is the best possible means of achieving this cooperation. Secure and efficient cloud IT services and TCP/IP data communications are essential requirements to realising this goal.
Hit Rail is working with the main European railway bodies to implement their vision, with specific solutions that provide a new landscape of secure and flexible sector collaboration. The greater goal is enabling the railways to achieve a more significant and sustainable share of the European mobility and transportation markets.

Vision & Strategy

Hit Rail understands just how important it is for railways to stay connected, both domestically and across borders. Hit Rail cloud IT services and the Hermes VPN provide key building blocks for cooperation and interoperability across the international passenger, freight and infrastructure applications.

With industry-leading technology, and a reputation as a trusted long-time secure IT connectivity partner, rail companies can be assured that by using Hit Rail they will meet customer and infrastructure demand, now and in the future.


Hit Rail’s strategy is to continue expanding its cloud IT services and increasing its synergy with the secure Hermes VPN. Hit Rail delivers this in partnership with stakeholders including customers, railway bodies, business partners and other interested parties in each of the key railway markets - passengers, freight and infrastructure.

This synergy is used collaboratively across Europe’s railway network, thereby helping to reduce costs and complexity. Hit Rail’s unique offer is flexible, efficient, safe and secure, and is at the vanguard of the latest generation of network and cloud technologies.

Hit Rail also builds business alliances across major railway and transport-related services, organisations and institutions. These collaborations benefit the wider rail community via Hit Rail’s unique position and capabilities in the European railway market.


Hit Rail combines railway-specific knowledge and extensive experience in connectivity and cloud IT. Its management structure comprises the Management Board and the Supervisory Board.

Management Board

Antonio E. López General Manager

Hans van Walsem Corporate Director

Enrique Ruiz Technical Director

Supervisory Board

Frédéric Novello Chairman

Petr Cervinka

Arjen Boersma

Edmund Buchbinder


The following 12 European railway companies own Hit Rail:


Stakeholders on the Hermes Ecosystem: