The CyberSecurity4Rail conference: objectives and target audience

The CyberSecurity4Rail conference will bring together experts in cybercrime and digital security, leaders in ICT, representatives from transport and railway companies, European organisations and international bodies. The aim will be to address the threats of cybercrime and to share a vision for safer, more secure digital communications and data networks in the transport industry.

The positions of policy makers, major international railway organisations and various actors in the field will be presented by their senior representatives. Major developments to date, the challenges ahead and the critical issues to be solved will be discussed.

The conference will provide:

  • An open, neutral forum for the stakeholders to exchange opinions on strategies to reduce risks and the best way to protect their systems and data
  • A unique opportunity to directly engage with and pose questions to policy makers
  • A high level networking opportunity for all participants

Target audience

  • European Commission officials (DG MOVE and DG CONNECT)
  • Regulators (ERA and ENISA)
  • European and international railway association senior representatives (CER, UIC, EIM, ERFA, UIP, TSGA, etc.)
  • Railway management and senior technical staff (RUs, IMs and their business partners and customers)
  • Other companies in the transport sector (SITA/IATA on air transport)
  • Experts in the digital security industry


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