A framework for collaboration on connectivity, interoperability and EU compliance

The Hermes Ecosystem

Hit Rail’s services (the Hermes VPN and the HEROS platform) are offered as common services for interoperability and provide the key building blocks for cooperation in railway international applications.

Hit Rail is introducing the European Railway community to the interoperability with the Hermes VPN and the HEROS applications. Hit Rail’s strategy is to support the priorities of interoperability and enabling railway cooperation.

In this context, Hit Rail’s strategy is to build the Hermes Ecosystem as a network of stakeholders including customers, business partners and other interested parties in each of the railway markets (passengers, freight and infrastructure).

The Hermes Ecosystem, as a framework for collaborating railways around key services, concerning:

  1. meeting the need for interoperable international applications in the railway sector,
  2. meeting the need to reduce costs and complexity and
  3. meeting the need to comply with EU directives, especially the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI).

But the Hermes Ecosystem is not only about interoperability linked to TSI, it is also about the big picture of the evolution of Cloud Computing as the latest wave of the Interoperability Challenge.

The evolution of the Hermes Ecosystem towards the Cloud paradigm (the HEROS Cloud) is a logical step technically, and will put the stakeholders in a good position to anticipate what is surely coming in business terms.

Hit Rail, as a key player to facilitate the railways to reach those goals, is well positioned to build collaborative networks and work together via the Hermes Ecosystem.