COVID-19 (statement 2, November 2020) – Hit Rail continuing to support railways and people in the ongoing situation

As this year draws to a close and we find ourselves still coping with the ongoing effects of coronavirus, we at Hit Rail sincerely hope that this devastating disease has not impacted too directly on our friends, colleagues and loved ones. Many of us have had to cope with loss, including in our own team. We are, however, thankful for the beginnings of some better news in the fight against Covid-19, as several vaccines begin to emerge.

The priority of course must be to continue to stay safe and healthy, and protect those around us, but we are grateful for the opportunities that present themselves for collaboration and mutual support. Rail travel has been severely impacted by the restrictions on our freedom of movement but the rail network and industry still plays a key part in keeping the community and the economy going. We are proud to be able to respond to this and support our rail partners in keeping people, businesses and vital services moving, connected and well supplied with the goods and equipment they need to carry out their vital services. At the same time we are pleased that the European Parliament has announced 2021 as the European Year of Rail – a very welcome boost for our industry, raising awareness in both passenger and freight services.
We made a commitment at the start of the pandemic to work tirelessly to support our partners in keeping the railways connected, ensuring that systems and communications run smoothly. We will, of course, continue with this mission.
We trust that the difficulties we have faced this year will belong to the past in a few months. We will resume normal life, meet in person, travel freely, and do it by train to a greater extent than before. In the meantime, we remain at the disposal of all our partners and wish you and your families all the very best, above all that you may all stay safe and healthy.

20 Nov 2020