COVID-19: Stay safe, we will keep the railways connected

Only a few days ago we were all living in a completely different situation, with other tasks and priorities. Now it seems the most important thing is to stay safe and healthy. We are all affected by this health crisis in one way or another, both personally and professionally. We hope that the impact for each of you and your families and your companies will be as small as possible.
Whilst we all must concentrate on those closest to us, we are also grateful that we can work together and play our part. Despite the many disruptions to travel, we know that rail transport is essential for our countries and communities to respond to the current situation, keeping people, companies and responders, including public services such as our health services, connected and well supplied.
During the months ahead, we at Hit Rail will continue to fulfil our role in keeping the railways connected. We will play an active part in ensuring that systems are kept running so that the railways can perform their vital role in the economy and the community.
We thank you all for working with us and we are at your disposal, as always.

Antonio E. Lopez
16 Mar 2020