HEROS passed its Gamma tests

HEROS passed its Gamma tests at the end of November 2012 and is now in acceptance with customers.


We have begun a ‘Proof of Concept’ with Prorail to host their Common Interface. The POC will continue until April. Prorail will connect to HEROS and HEROS will detect whether the end customer and the message should be routed via CI or as normal over Hermes.


We are in the middle of testing the connection with RhB and the translation of H01 messages to and from XML. As would be expected a number of faults are being found and rapidly cleared. From next week we should offer testing with the other reservations partner railways.


The freight form and conversion is ready for any pilot users.


The GPH documentation is in the course of being included in the Publish and Subscribe service and when it is ready will be offered to GPH members.

24 Jan 2013