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Facilitating TAF/TAP TSI implementation

The EU-mandated TAF/TAP TSI's will imply a new level of Interoperability among the railways. They will bring substantial business and service benefits as a result of cross-industry standardised processes and messaging standards. European Railway companies are currently in the early stages of TSI implementation.

Hit Rail has a long history of helping solve Connectivity and Interoperability issues among the European Railways Community, and as part of its mission, Hit Rail is committed to act as facilitator for the Implementation of the TAF/TAP TSI's.


With the aim of fulfilling this purpose, Hit Rail has launched HEROS, a set of TSI-compliant, cloud-based solutions which are intended for the railways community as a whole.

The Challenge

TSI implementation is a challenge for most companies in several aspects:

Additional investment

Usually coinciding with the migration to new more efficient corporate computing technologies, like the web, the virtualization and the cloud, there is the need for additional investment in new tools supporting the TSIs.


Companies necessarily have different migration schedules and there is the need of maintaining Interoperability with different partners at the same time, some of them using new protocols, some using legacy systems.

Different investment capabilities

Despite having very different investment capabilities, small railway partner or feeder companies have to implement the same TSI's.

Central databases

In some cases, there is the need for central databases or repositories of information.

HEROS eases the solution of the mentioned challenges, and therefore eases TSI's adoption, with specific solutions targeted to the Passenger, Freight and Infrastructure sectors.

Hit Rail also organises periodic Railway Industry events to discuss issues around Interoperability and TSI implementation.

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