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TAP TSI is the ERA standard for passenger interoperability, which is based on previous UIC standards (UIC 90918-1). Hit Rail has been critical to the implementation and running of TAP TSI with the Hermes VPN and later with the Passenger Reservations Translator.

The new OSDM standard will offer a new level of functionality and interoperability across Europe’s passenger railways, ticket vendors and distributors.

TAP TSI and OSDM are bringing substantial business and service benefits because of cross-industry standardised processes and messaging standards. All European passenger railway companies are currently in the process of implementing TAP TSI and/or OSDM.

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As part of its mission, Hit Rail is committed to facilitating the successful implementation of OSDM and its interoperability with TAP TSI standard.

Hit Rail now provides the OSDM platform to the UIC and its users. It is working to make real-time interoperability possible between TAP TSI and OSDM online, developing OSDM capabilities for the Passenger Reservations Translator.

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