Europe’s rail gets a fresh ST4RT

The ST4RT project (Semantic Transformations for Rail Transportation), one of the projects launched by the S2R (Shift to Rail) initiative, has been successfully completed on 31st October 2018. It had been submitted by an eight-member consortium, coordinated by UNIFE, with a significant participation of Hit Rail. ST4RT made use of components from the Shift2Rail Interoperability Framework (IF) developed in the IT2Rail “lighthouse” project, extending it for use in related S2R projects. Its implementation started on the 1st November 2016 and lasted for 24 months. A cornerstone of the project was the work package 5, in which a real demonstrator was developed to prove the validity and effectiveness of the semantic analysis. The demonstrator run on the HEROS platform provided by Hit Rail.
A detailed description of the project is in the article:

2 Jan 2019
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