Membership in RIPE

HIT Rail entered as new member to RIPE. The objective of RIPE (Réseaux IP Européens) is to ensure administrative and technical coordination of a pan-European IP network. Thanks to this, we have an assignment for 2048 PA (Provider Aggregatable) IP addresses. Half of them (1024 addresses) are allocated.

23 May 2008
Migration of RAILDATA site

LUSIS, French IT company, asked HIT Rail for new Hermes VPN connection in Paris. It will be used for RAILDATA central servers, which shall be operated at Lusis. For redundancy, two VPN sites are ordered (two routers with 2 Mb link each).   


23 May 2008
New HIT Rail Website

New HIT Rail Website will be opened for testing and comments beginning of May. It is designed as comprehensive portal to all Hermes related information. Web migration is planned on 2nd half of May. At the same time, new HIT Rail logo will be introduced.

6 May 2008
CFR is connected to the Hermes Network

Romanian railways (CFR) are connected to the Hermes network via dedicated line and new site in Bucuresti. Internet tunnel is used as backup method. This new link will be used both for passenger and freight international applications.

27 Mar 2008
Serbian railways asked for Hermes Link

Zeleznice Srbije (ZS) asked HIT Rail for connection to the Hermes VPN network in Belgrade. This link will be used for freight applications. At the same time ZS joined RAILDATA and intends to realize interfaces to ISR and ORFEUS.

27 Mar 2008
New site in Poland connects PKP

New Hermes VPN Site in Warsaw connects PKP Informatyka to the VPN. Final configuration was installed while interim solution worked some months already. The link will be used both for PKP Intercity (seat reservations) and PKP Cargo (international freight applications).

19 Dec 2007
CFR signed Contract for Connection

CFR (Rumanian Railways) asked for new Hermes VPN connection for Bucharest. CFR signed the connection contract with HIT Rail already. This link will be used both for passenger (EPA) and freight applications.

19 Dec 2007
New Function: Unavailability Alerts

HIT Rail's Volume Statistic and Availability Monitoring system was extended with new feature. In case of site unavailability, automated alert will be sent to defined distribution list by e-mail. This function complements the standard network monitoring and procedures

19 Dec 2007
New Hermes in Full Production

The site in Moscow, connecting the Russian Railways (RZD) was finally migrated on 23rd April. It means that the migration was completed and all existing sites are on the new and fast Hermes VPN.

19 Dec 2007
PKP asked for VPN Connection

PKP Informatyka signed contract with HIT Rail for connection of PKP (Polish Railways) to the Hermes VPN. HIT Rail ordered new site in Warsaw already. Seat reservation system will be the first user of the connection.

19 Dec 2007