NS International plan site move


NS International want to move their central applications hosted by BT at Nieuwegein to Lelystad. It will require to establish new Hermes VPN site in Lelystad. Required access speed is 8 Mbps. This change will also have implications for the Internet and ISDN gateways, since they use the same hosting rack at BT. 

23 Dec 2008
SB Meeting and 2009 Tariffs

HIT Rail's Supervisory Board will meet on 28th November 2008 in Brussels. Besides other agenda items, it will also dicsuss and agree the new Hermes VPN tariffs for year 2009, including new types of services.

25 Nov 2008
RNE Site Completed

The new Hermes VPN site for Rail Net Europe (RNE) in Vienna was completed on 3rd of November 2008. This day it migrated to the new permanent link (dedicated line) using the VPN router provided by BT. This site is used for the EUROPTIRAILS central application. 

25 Nov 2008
New site for TCDD in Ankara installed

HIT Rail established new Hermes VPN site for TCDD (Turkish Railways) in Ankara. The link is operational since 27th October 2008.

31 Oct 2008
New site for RNE and Europtirails move

Rail Net Europe (RNE) plans to move the EUROPTIRAILS central application from Rome to Vienna. Therefore they asked HIT Rail for new Hermes VPN site. At the moment VPN connection over the Internet backup link is available. The router and dedicated line will be delivered soon.

24 Oct 2008
ZS connected to Hermes in Belgrade

ZS, the Serbian railways are now connected to the Hermes VPN. HIT Rail established new VPN site in Belgrade. It uses link over the Internet. First applications shall be likely freight and EPA reservations.  

24 Oct 2008
New traffic statistic server installed

HIT Rail introduced new Hermes VPN statistic server. It runs on new hardware platform in Brussels. The software was supplied by Aware.

24 Oct 2008
Raildata migrated to new data centre

Raildata moved production of their central applications ISR and ORFEUS from Villepinte to Paris. Company LUSIS runs the new central servers now. For this, HIT Rail installed new duplicated 2Mb Hermes site in Paris.

24 Oct 2008
SNCF plans access migration

As part of internal ITC reorganization, SNCF plans to migrate their Hermes access from Paris to Lyon. The migration is scheduled to 18th  (from 11pm) to 19th (2am) November 2008.

24 Oct 2008
TCDD asked for Hermes Connection

TCDD, Turkish State Railways asked HIT Rail for connection to the Hermes VPN. New site in Ankara should be connected via 128 kbps leased line with Internet backup.


18 Jun 2008