New Traffic Statistics and Network Monitoring Tool

The new Hermes VPN Traffic Statistics and Network Monitoring Tool was completed and opened for the authorized users. It brings many new features and possibilities, e.g. graphical presentation of actual network status, flexible maintenance of reference data, new options for queries on traffic flows statistics as well as presentation of results in graphs.

24 Sep 2009
Single Sign On implemented on the Web

After lots of fighting we have finally implemented Single Sign On (SSO) in the website. Authorized users can proceed from the member's area of the web to the Network Reports (and vice versa) without any other login/password. SSO will allow us to add different other web applications to our website in a transparent form too.

24 Sep 2009
Internet Gateway Migration

BT migrated the Internet gateway in Niewegein from the old router (shared with the former NS link) to a new platform, ordered for specifically for this purpose by HIT Rail. This could cause short interruption of Hermes connectivity at customers with primary link over the Internet or being on Internet backup at that moment. Change happened on 1st July 2009.

24 Sep 2009
New EUROSTAR site in Leyton

New site in Leyton (eastern London) was installed for EUROSTAR. The connection uses 2Mbps leased line with Premium DSL as backup (with HSRP). Migration of the traffic will follow soon.

8 Jun 2009
Migration of ISDN backups to Internet gateway

Some ISDN backups (i.e. RZD Moscow, CFL Luxembourg and ZSR Bratislava) migrated successfuly to the Internet gateway already. Other sites will follow soon (e.g. SZ Ljubljana). Exceptions are Paris UIC and ICF Pratteln sites, where ongoing discussion with UIC and ICF about backup solution takes place.

19 May 2009
New Site in Lelystad activated

The migration of the Hermes VPN connection for NS International from Nieuwegein to Lelystad was completed. The migration happened on 24th March 2009 at 12:00 and all went well.

25 Mar 2009
Nieuwegein Site Changes

NS International confirmed their intention to migrate hosting of their central applications and of their Hermes access point from Nieuwegein to Lelystad (by May 2009). However, Nieuwegein will remain in the Hermes topology as the gateway for the Internet-based backup. HIT Rail will get separate router from BT with increased port speed for this purpose (4Mbps).

2 Mar 2009
Cessation of ISDN Backup Catcher

Due to the changes in the Hermes network, as of 1st May 2009 the ISDN Catcher will no longer function. All the sites that still use ISDN backup should take action to migrate to Internet - based backup. The project team will maintain contact with the sites affected with intention to achieve migration before the service is ceased.

2 Mar 2009
New freight applications in the East

Another Eastern railway companies start to use Hermes VPN for their freight bussiness. PKP Cargo exchanges application 30 messages (freight train consist advice) with CD Cargo in test production since mid December 2008. Also Serbian railways (ZS) are going to use the same application for data exchange, first with MAV Cargo. Application level tests are scheduled for early 2009. ZS also intend to exchange consignment data and to join the RAILDATA's system ISR for freight wagons monitoring.

23 Dec 2008
ISDN Backup Replacement

From both technical (e.g. low speed) and organizational reasons, HIT Rail intends to replace all remaining ISDN backups with another connection method (e.g. with backup over the Internet).  All relevant sites were asked to collaborate for this change. This process may be accelerated because NS International is going to leave the hosting at BT in Nieuwegein - since the ISDN gateway uses the same hosting rack, ISDN backup may be not supported afterwards.

23 Dec 2008