New Invoicing Application in service

HIT Rail introduced new Invoicing application. Based on the traffic statistic, sites details and tariffs, it calculates the bills for all customers. Invoices are sent via e-mail as complement to paper printout via post (if required). Authorized customers have access to own invoices via HIT Rail web site. The application also includes billing contacts list and work flow to see status of each invoice.

27 Jul 2010
NORDCARGO intends to connect to Hermes

Another "new open access" railway operator intends to join the Hermes network: NORDCARGO (NC, NC operates freight trains mainly on the north-southbound corridors. Presetly it is the 2nd largest freight railway operator in Italy, providing traction for about 7500 trains per year. Now it is merged with DB Schenker Rail Italia and owned by DB Schenker (60%) and FNM (Ferrovie Nord Milano). The new Hermes site will be likely in Milan. NC will run the application 30 (Train consist preadvice).

7 Jun 2010
Site for LOKOMOTION/RTC in Bolzano

First "open access" freight railway undertaking joined the Hermes network. German company LOKOMOTION ( with seat in Germany operates trains mainly from Germany to/from Italy over the Brenner and Tauern. They collabotare with Italian Railtraction company (RTC, with seat in Bolzano. The new Hermes VPN site is located at RTC in Bolzano and it uses the Hermes Internet gateway. Both LOKOMOTION and RTC are partly owned by DB Schenker Rail Deutschland.

7 Jun 2010
HIT Rail Strategy Study

HIT Rail is going to update its company and services strategy for the coming years. Presently, we collect inputs on customer needs and expectations from existing and possible rail clients using the strategic Questionnaire. Also personal Interviews are performed with selected customers. Interim report shall be presented in May and final result will be delivered by the end of this year.

13 Apr 2010
20th Anniversary of HIT Rail

HIT Rail B.V. will celebrate its 20th birthday this year and it is for that reason that its Supervisory Board and Management Board have the pleasure to invite the GPH members, Shareholders representatives as well as invited former members of HIT Rail bodies to join them in the anniversary celebrations that will take place in Amsterdam on Wednesday May 5th.

15 Mar 2010
New Hermes VPN Prices for 2010: discounted

HIT Rail published the new Tariffs for Hermes VPN services for year 2010 (see Hermes Network, Tariffs and Billing page for details). The new prices are lower mainly thanks to new price agreement with BT, our network provider, who adopted contractual price review following to EVUA benchmarking. Other positive implications come from traffic volumes increase and also since new customers joined. In average the new fees shall be lower for about 10%.

20 Jan 2010
This Website unavailable 11th - 13th Jan

From 11th Jan 2pm until 13th Jan 12am this website will be unavailable due to major maintenance work. There will be a temporary replacement for the stats server, so no accounting data will be lost. The web will be reinstalled in a separate data center so we will have a backup of our data on physical different locations.

6 Jan 2010
IP Addresses Migration Started

The migration to new Hermes IP addresses started: on 5th Jan CD and SNCB migrated their application 38 Wagon Search to new IPs. However, the first user of new IPs was RAILDATA after they moved their central servers to new computer centre.

6 Jan 2010
RNE continues to use Hermes for EUROPTIRAILS

RNE decided to maintain connection of the EUROPTIRAILS central server in Vienna to the Hermes network for the next two years 2010 and 2011 and then review use of Hermes again. RNE and HIT Rail reached agreement about new price acceptable for both sides. This means that the EUROPTIRAILS members may continue use Hermes VPN for this application in the future too.

1 Dec 2009
HIT Rail offers Shares to Hermes Customers

HITRail warmly invites railway customers, who use the Hermes VPN, to become a shareholder in the company. Present shareholders are invited to purchase additional shares. In case of interest, please contact the HIT Rail Corporate Affairs Director, Mr. Hans van Walsem (

19 Oct 2009