Annual Meeting of HIT Rail Shareholders

Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Hit Rail B.V. is going to be held in Amsterdam on Tuesday, May 14, 2013. Shareholders representatives shall overview the company activities in the past year year, consider the 2012 annual report and also discuss the proposed main activities and budget for the year 2013.  

7 May 2013
Upgrade of HIT Rail's IPSec gateway in Brussels

HIT Rail upgraded its IPSec gateway in Brussels On Tuesday 12 March 2013 at 12:30.  We are replacing a Cisco C2800, with a  Cisco ASA5520.  This change provides a much more powerful device but more importantly it enables HIT rail to monitor individual IPSec tunnels and hopefully provide a better service.  This is a hugely important change as the number of IPSec connections is growing and is a vital component of the HEROS service.  Presently, the following sites use this gateway : UZ Kiev; HZ Zagreb; Lokomotion Munich; Nordcargo Milan; Captrain Berlin andRHB Chur.

14 Mar 2013
HEROS passed its Gamma tests

HEROS passed its Gamma tests at the end of November 2012 and is now in acceptance with customers.


We have begun a ‘Proof of Concept’ with Prorail to host their Common Interface. The POC will continue until April. Prorail will connect to HEROS and HEROS will detect whether the end customer and the message should be routed via CI or as normal over Hermes.


We are in the middle of testing the connection with RhB and the translation of H01 messages to and from XML. As would be expected a number of faults are being found and rapidly cleared. From next week we should offer testing with the other reservations partner railways.


The freight form and conversion is ready for any pilot users.


The GPH documentation is in the course of being included in the Publish and Subscribe service and when it is ready will be offered to GPH members.

28 Jan 2013
HIT Rail represented at 2nd annual RailTel Conference

Mr. M. Haynes is going to represent HIT Rail at the 2nd annual Rail Tel conference  on 19th-21st February 2013 in Vienna.  This event focuses on New rail telecommunications for operators and infrastructure managers. M. Haynes is one of the speakers and will present the HERMES network and HEROS added services. For details see the site of the event:


22 Jan 2013
RIPE NCC has Approximately Four Million IPv4 Addresses Before Reaching Last /8.

RIPE NCC has just announced that it now has only 4 million IPv4 addresses left to allocate, or .1% of the total IPv4 space. In addition it is recycling and reissuing returned IPv4 address space however this is expected to have only a small impact in extending the period before IPv4 is exhausted - probably end 2012 early 2013. Once the final /8 (16 million addresses) is reached all existing LIRs will be given a /22 (1000 addresses) and there will be no more new IPv4 addresses left in the Europe/Middle East region. HIT Rail, as an LIR, has 2x /21 and will be allocated a further /22 in IPv4 space making 5120 IPv4 addresses or 20 x 256 addresses enough for over 600 customers with /29 (8 addresses). We currently have allocated addresses in 5 of the 256 addresses ranges 93.94.200-204 inclusive. So we do not anticipate any urgent need to migrate to IPv6 until requested by the GPH based on their wish to migrate their networks. HIT Rail have already been allocated an IPv6 first allocation /32. IPv6 works differently to IPv4 and the table below gives an indication of the size and how it would be used. This would allow HIT Rail to allocate a /56 to 16 million customers. Any questions please contact

IPv6 Relative Network Sizes


1 IPv6 address

A network interface


1 IPv6 subnet

18,446,744,073,709,551,616 IPv6 addresses


256 LAN segments

Popular prefix size for one smaller subscriber site


65,536 LAN segments

Popular prefix size for one large subscriber site


65,536 /48 subscriber sites

Minimum IPv6 allocation

7 Sep 2012
HŽ Cargo is connected Hermes

HŽ Cargo d.o.o. joined Hermes VPN. Initial method of connection is the IPSec tunnel over the Internet. HŽ Cargo implements new information system for freight operations and they need Hermes link for the international freight applications, mainly for the data exchange through the Raildata's central applications ISR and ORFEUS.

26 Jul 2012
SBB Cargo International AG connected to Hermes VPN

SBB Cargo International AG is connected to Hermes VPN. Since today (9th May 2012) the temporary IPsec connection to Hermes VPN is up and running (it will be replaced with leased line by BT when ready). SBB Cargo International is going to start testing of application 30 (freight train preannounce) soon, with intention to go in production with first partner(s) in June.

9 May 2012
UZ reservations via Hermes productional

The production of passenger seat reservations between UZ and DB over the Hermes VPN started on 12th April 2012 morning. Congratulations to all who participated in this work! We are proud to provide services also for the footbal fans coming for the European 2012 championships in Ukraine!

12 Apr 2012
Hermes connection of ICF at Pratteln terminated

Due to liquidation of ICF (Intercontainer-Interfrigo), their Hermes VPN connection to Basel-Pratteln was ceased. ICF was one of the oldest European intermodal rail freight operators (founded in 1967). Its owners decided in Nov 2010 to smootly tranfer its operations to other railway units. The company was formally closed in Feb 2011. Therefore ICF disappeared from Hermes map in June 2011.

6 Apr 2012
IP Addresses Migration Completed

The migration from the old Hermes IP addresses (171.30.36.x) has been completed. From now, only the Hermes IP addresses owned by HIT Rail are used. Many thanks and congratulations to all Hermes railways specialists who managed the configuration changes!

17 Mar 2012