Linking the European Railways’ International Applications
Hit Rail 25th Anniversary
Enabling Connectivity and Interoperability
One single connection for business with over 40 European railway partners


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The cloud-based platform
for Railway’s applications interoperability

Hit Rail supports the European Railway’s International and partner‑to‑partner IP‑based messaging

Efficient and secure data connections are vital to support railway business processes. To facilitate connectivity and interoperability between the railways, Hit Rail has been providing IP-based solutions to the European railways community for over 25 years.

Over 30 railway companies trust Hit Rail to conduct national and international business transactions, such as international ticket reservations, train pre-advices, infrastructure path requests, wagon search and many other applications.

Now HEROS provides a set of interoperability services on top of the Hermes VPN with the objective of facilitating business among railways partners and the adoption of the EU-mandated TSIs.


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Latest News

1 Feb 2016
Hit Rail B.V., one of Europe’s leading organisations spearheading the drive towards interoperability within the railway and travel industry, has joined the FSM Sounding Board, the body where...
6 Oct 2015
ETTSA, the travel technology industry association representing travel distributors and global distribution systems, and Hit Rail B.V., one of Europe’s leading organisations spearheading the drive...
28 Aug 2015
Created to help railways interconnect, Hit Rail has been enabling Connectivity and Interoperability for the railways of Europe for 25 years  Utrecht/Brussels/York 09 September 2015 – European Rail...
16 Jul 2015
Hit Rail opens Brussels office to address work with European institutions and international rail organisationsTSI regulations fuel the need for closer cooperation across EuropeUtrecht/Brussels 18...


The following 12 European Railway Companies are owners of HIT Rail b.v.: